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Autoresponders on the fridge? ResponsivePrint can do it.

It’s standard marketing practice that every purchase, registration or newsletter signup is quickly followed by an autoresponder of some kind.

Do you read them? I rarely do. In fact when I see the autoresponder show up I generally just consider it “confirmation by subject line.”

“Yup, got it” swipe left.

Email autoresponders too easy to ignore

That might sound harsh. But I’m sure I’m not alone. People are busy. And most of us have become ruthlessly efficient when it comes to managing our inboxes.

But what if your highly customized autoresponders actually landed in a real mailbox? And then ended up posted on your customer’s fridge for a week? It’s not so crazy. Canada Post reports that  when people like an offer they keep it for as long as 17 days — pinned on the fridge, board or beside their phone.

That’s powerful stuff. Can you ever imagine someone freezing your mobile ad on their phone and hanging their phone on your fridge for 17 days as a constant reminder to all who walk by.  It just won’t happen.  And here’s the thing – as a digital marketer you probably already have all the systems you need to make it happen.

Purchase history? Check. Physical address? Check.

Without upgrading or disrupting your current #sales flow, you have the right ingredients to use ResponsivePrint to make physical #autoresponder campaigns a reality.

Without upgrading or disrupting your current sales flow, you have the right ingredients to use ResponsivePrint™to make physical autoresponder campaigns a reality.  

Personalized physical mail (PPM) delivers real value

Some retailers already do something like this by slipping a flyer or some sort of offer in with every order. And that is much better than nothing. But, for just a few cents more, you can send a truly customized direct mail marketing piece that arrives separately from the order.

Just think about how much this adds to the customer service experience. To a consumer who is used to autoresponders clogging up their inbox, actually receiving a thank you, with an offer they might actually be interested in, coming right to the door is extraordinary. It works equally well for other customer engagement strategies — thanking a donor or reminding someone to complete a financial form or register before a due date.

Contrast that with email open rates that often sink into the low single digits because they are automatically sorted into junk mail or promotion folders.

It is said that “home is where the heart is” and that is where your printed mail arrives. And as I’ve said before,that is part of the reason why studies have shown that physical mail has a higher perceived value by consumers.

ResponsivePrint is just as customizable as an automated email — but more effective. You can also leverage the information you get from abandoned shopping carts to trigger a postcard with a special offer specifically designed to re-engage your customer and get them back into the sales funnel.

If you want to speak to me about how we can help you re-engage your customers or donors through automated autoresponders, just send a note and I’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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