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Voter registration cards: Your data security matters

As the Ontario municipal elections approach, towns and cities across the province are gearing up to mail voter registration cards to residents. And if your municipality hasn’t already started, it is certainly one of the big projects looming large on the horizon.

In elections past, voter registration cards were usually handled by the local printer. And while I understand and support the role of small printers across the province, the landscape for handling sensitive voter data has changed.

In an age when data and security breaches regularly lead the news, this very important part of the process is not the way any community wants to get noticed on the national stage.

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As the vendor of record for major financial institutions and government agencies our processes for protecting information and data has been vetted and tested many times.

And while security should be your number one consideration, there are other factors municipalities need to take into account in order to reduce costs and the environmental footprint.

Save on returned mail

Returned mail costs municipalities a fortune. Before you send out your list make sure you are using clean data, scrubbed of duplicates and other errors.

Save postage costs

Beware the machinable admail trap. If the cards you design fall outside the very strict machinable guidelines set by Canada Post you may find yourself with a bill that is tens of thousands dollars more than you budgeted. Find out more about this here.  

Save printing costs

Technology has improved greatly. Ask your vendors how many cards they can print per sheet. It may seem like a trivial point. But it can save you money and will certainly save some trees by using the newest and most advanced printing technology.

Save the environment

Voters not only expect security, they also expect environmental responsibility.  By using FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council-certified) paper and a waterless printing process that meet extra-high environmental standards, your municipality will be showing voters that you take your role as stewards seriously.

That’s four ways to save. Have you got others — post them to our LinkedIn page on this topic. Want to find out more?

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