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Unboxing the General Mills & Canada Post Olympic Campaign

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Hey, how’re you doing? Steve Falk here from Prime Data. We’re going to do an unboxing of this box of Cheerios – one of my favorite breakfast treats.

Turns out that Canada Post is working with General Mills to do a really neat program. This little cut-out here where it normally says “Cheerios” just says “Cheer” and it’s a way to cheer on our Olympians in this year’s Winter Olympics.

What I love about this is the fact that you get to send this in the mail. It’s an analog hello. You’re not tweeting hello –  you’re not being a Donald Trump.

Did I say that?

You’re actually sending something that’s physical to an athlete. And there’s nothing more physical than being an athlete.

I love the fact you get to send this to them. There might even be a second card on the back, I’m not sure. I’m excited to find it. I found this the other day at my favorite grocery store and we’re going to cut in and see what it’s like.

So here we go; unboxing. We’re going to take the Cheerios out and protect them. We’re going to eat those later. We’re going to look inside. Turns out there’s two postcards there. We’re just going to just quickly cut them. I’m not going to make a shout-out for a very particular knife, but this Leatherman knife is a great knife. If you’re looking for a gift for somebody, I’ve had this one for years

In just a few seconds, you’ve got yourself a Canada Post postcard, paid for by the post office, already written “To the Olympics Athletes Village.” This is going to be delivered to your athlete and you get a chance to write your own little message there.

There’s a second one on the back so two of you get to do it. Cameraman Ted, you get one of these too. It says “J’aime.”. This would be the bilingual version, in case you didn’t know what J and a heart was. So you’ve got a French one and you got an English one. I love this.

Now I’m going to eat some cereals. We’re going to have a nice hearty breakfast and we’re going to be able to say thank you to those athletes for giving us a great show. Cheers.

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