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My Day At Prime Data – A 15 year old’s view of direct mail

15 year old Ashlyn Cowie spent a day around our shop

I woke up at 6:30am this morning, I was curious about the day ahead of me at Prime Data. As my mom and I drove into the parking lot of the building, I got an instant rush of excitement to finally see the place that is a second home to my mom. As I took my first step into the building, I was quickly amazed to see how clean and polished everything was. Once I settled in to the desk beside my moms, I was briefly introduced to a part of the employees around the building in each section. Shortly after, I had the opportunity of meeting the president of Prime Data, Mr. Steve Falk. I had heard so many great things about him, and now I will be able to say great things about Mr. Falk as well because he made me feel very welcome and comfortable here.

Everyone had a smile on their face

                While walking around, I noticed that everyone had a smile on their face, which was very nice to see and I observed that everywhere is remarkably clean. I then had the chance to sit down with Alix Morgan who works with Variable Data. She was able to give me a brief description on what happens on a daily basis within the walls of Prime Data. I learned about the different things that are sent out within the company, such as, In The Loop, and many more things OfficeVibe is something that is sent out to the employees which allows them to complete a survey and give feedback. This website would be used to encourage employees to be more engaged. . I was also shown the production schedule, which was very interesting. It showed what everybody had to do to get work out on time. From walking around the building and reading posters on the walls, I noticed that working together is an immense part of the company.

             Being friendly with your colleagues is a necessity in order to have a successful company, and life. By seeing the way everyone works with each other in a respectful and kind manner in Prime Data, would allow me to think that it makes coming to work very comfortable.

The employees all seem to have a great connection with each other, and I would say that new members to the Prime Data family would easily be welcomed.

To help our clients be more effective in reaching their selling, marketing and fundraising goals.            Throughout the day, Mr. Falk gave me a few books on neuromarketing. The book defines this as, the application of neuroscience to marketing. It draws on tools from neuroscience, like brain imaging, to measure consumer, responses to marketing stimuli.

Direct mail is more powerful at catching the buyers eye

While reading about this type of neuroscience, it made me think about studying for tests in school. As it is different for everyone, I tend to learn better while reading something on paper, instead of on digital media. In Canada Post’s book on neuromarketing, Breaking Through The Noise, the results between direct and digital mail showed that direct mail is more powerful at catching the buyers eye than digital advertising is. In Prime Data, direct mail is still being used, which I think is great. This company is not only heavy in printing, but also many other fields, which gives buyers a great variety to chose from. Services include, mailing services, data work, fulfillment, variable data printing, and RevenueDriverTM, as seen on

            Overall I was very impressed with the environment of Prime Data and would love to come back another time. It was a great opportunity to meet the wonderful people who have the good fortune of working at Prime Data. It really seems like it would be an honour to work here.

Thank you for the great day!

Ashlyn Cowie

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