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DX3 and the revenge of analog

logo_dx3_bannerNeed it be said that we live in an increasingly digital world? We communicate with email, do research and purchase products online. And we are hit up with more marketing messages on a daily basis than at any other period in history. Even our ebooks have ads!

Digital marketing is big business.

DX3, March 8th and 9th in Toronto, is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retail. It brings agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together to examine how technology is changing business and shaping human behaviours. And, we will be there with bells on!

Our approach to digital marketing for retail eCommerce companies involves a decidedly old-school twist…printed and mailed postcards. It’s a channel most digital marketers won’t have considered.

ResponsivePrint™ uses workflow automation and programmatic strategies to trigger real-time personalized variable printed mail pieces that drive high value, measurable online conversions. Yes, new online revenue from a printed postcard!

Here’s a quick video we recently sent out to the world as a targeted YouTube ad. (Just because we print, doesn’t mean we don’t understand the power of digital).

If you’re attending DX3 you may be interested in a session I’m co-presenting with Noble Musa of Toronto-based Microforum. Microforum is succeeding in another legacy industry many gave up for dead over 20 years ago — pressing vinyl records..

What does the new popularity of vinyl records signal?

Wednesday, March 8th, 1:00 – 1:25 p.m.


Noble and I will be discussing the resurgence of analog technologies, like records and print, and how the move toward “real” things people can actually touch is changing the marketing landscape. More importantly, we’ll examine what this means for digital marketers, and how this trend can make online campaigns more effective.

What does this resurgence of popularity for analog technology mean to digital marketers? Click To Tweet

It’s part of a larger trend identified as The Revenge of Analog by author David Sax, and we’re looking forward to fleshing it out at a really cool industry event.

If you’re attending DX3 and want to talk to me, Prime Data will also have a booth. Send me an email and let’s set up time to chat.

Show floor tickets are available for free until February 23rd. Follow this link to register now.  


Steve Falk

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