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Reaching the unreachable consumer

shutterstock_138594755Customer Experience (commonly called CX) is the product of every interaction between your organization and its customers.

It goes well beyond a transactional relationship and requires that you are able to “speak” to them in the context of the relationship they choose to have with you.

But with the advent of adblockers and low email open rates, how do you keep the conversation going with your best customers?

What if your customers are unreachable?

As more shoppers begin using adblockers and leave email offers unopened in their overflowing inboxes, these once-engaged consumers are becoming unreachable. What if you cannot speak to them, offer them deals or entice them back?

That’s the million dollar question for a lot of eCommerce retailers. Let’s talk about missed online transactions.

For online retailers, shopping cart abandonment — even among people who have previously made a purchase online — is an all-too-common shopper behaviour.

Several studies have reported that the average cart abandonment rate is above 70% (eMarketer May, 2016). As a marketer, you know this is just par for the course.

Naturally, eCommerce marketers continue to look for solutions with digital bias since they are Digital Natives, and have reliably depended upon digital online solutions.  Until now, that the channel has been so effectively blocked. Where does a digital marketer turn for relief?  

We’re coming to the rescue. We tie digital communication to a modern digital channel — responsive digital and highly personalized print, in the postal system almost immediately. As easily as you can send out an automated, triggered email, say a cart abandonment email, we can also merge data to a postcard, print and mail it.

Digital results. Delivered by mail.

A few months back we launched a service that uses information gathered through the shopping cart process and turns it into a “fast offer” direct mail piece that goes out to the person who did the abandoning. We call it RevenueDriver and it’s currently available in Canada, the US, UK and Europe.

Sound crazy? Well, a recent article from PitneyBowes revealed some interesting stats that make this solution seem a lot more sane than sending out another email blast:

While the millennial generation may be tech-savvy, direct mail marketing is still a surprisingly effective way to reach them. In fact, 90 percent of millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable, and 57 percent have made purchases based on direct mail offers. Read the whole article here.

Improve your customer experience

Our solution brings previously unreachable shoppers back, addresses shopping cart abandonment and increases eCommerce retailer sales and profits. Your customers will feel appreciated when they receive mail, something that many won’t feel when you fill their Inbox.

Just imagine…a person has the cart ready to go and the last thing they need to do is hit submit, but they are price shopping or get suddenly distracted. Three days later they get direct mail customized with the product they “almost” bought, along with a free shipping coupon. Do they feel valued and appreciated? Are they likely to complete the purchase now? You tell me.

If you want to learn more about RevenueDriver™ and how it can help eCommerce companies open a new, responsive and open channel of communication, send me an email or give me a call.

Steve Falk

1-888-261-2584 x 301

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