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Turn your receipts into a responsive marketing channel

RP__Letters-TaxReceiptFundraisers are always trying engage with donors. And for many the go-to solution is a drip email campaign that automatically starts after the first donation is processed.

Email may be cheap, but…

This might have been a great tool, but people today have a lot more in their inbox. A generic drip campaign sent via email is easy to spot and easier to ignore or delete. Sure, it’s cheap — but not very effective. I recently gave an in-memoriam gift to a university and immediately received a generic email message of thanks that did not mention the directed gift and left me a bit cold. A purely transactional email.

Highly effective fundraisers on the other hand are always looking for opportunities to engage with donors through new and interesting mediums. And to do this, you need to get your messaging placed in a spot they are likely to see it.

Where are donors more likely to see your pitch?

Obviously we are big proponents of print — and for good reason. Studies show that, by itself as a standalone marketing campaign, or as part of a multi-channel marketing push, print is effective.

Each of these campaigns requires additional planning outside of your normal day-to-day processes. But what if you could turn something you do every day into a highly targeted and customized channel to further engage donors?

Ask yourself what piece of direct mail are your donors most likely to open? If you said their tax receipts, then you’d be right.

Make paper tax receipts your new marketing channel

You have to send out receipts to donors for tax purposes anyway. Until now those receipts were generally based on a standard template with very few options to upsell and promote based on prior donor actions.

With variable data printing technology we can now create custom appeals in your tax receipts based on donor history and other data points you are already collecting!

We call this ResponsiveReceipt™ and it’s unique, in that it turns something you’re already doing into an inexpensive and highly engaging marketing tool that goes out to donors mere days after a donation.

Imagine easier, better and more profitable tax receipts. It’s a reality when you add highly customized, full colour messaging and upsells to your receipts.

If you want to learn more about our ResponsiveReceipt™ program, send me a note or give us a call.

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