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eTail – Toronto, A quick preview of e-commerce marketing coverage

eTail Canada is the industry’s knowledge centre for a few days in Toronto each year.  Canada’s retail ecommerce leadership has been gathering since 2011 at eTail to share marketing technology ideas and the interplay of bricks and mortar with online strategies.  Bigger each year, the 2016 event is taking place May 16-18 in Toronto at the Hyatt Regency.

A quick preview reveals there will be nearly 100 speakers and panelist from who you can gain valuable insight into this rapidly changing business.  On top of that you’ll have the exhibitors hall and generous networking opportunities.

With our interest in marketing technology, I’ve reviewed the speakers list and their topics to give you a quick glimpse at what is available and the themes that will be explored.

This year’s theme centers on Customer Experience, improving it, making it more trusting and engaging.  The terms, CX and CXO have only recently come into common usage due to the principle understanding that an improved CX can be impactful to the bottom line of a digital business, in the same way that so much time is spent on this in the bricks and mortar retail environment.  Everything from the colours, scents, lighting, traffic patterns, staff training and the “thank you, please come again” at the checkout is carefully planned.

Here’s a quick rundown of 5 sessions that illustrate the themes that will be reinforced at eTail this year:

  1. It all starts with a high functioning site

The Important ‘Click’ That Transforms Into $ales

Monday  9:00 AM
Enrico Del Grande, Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Fruits & Passion


  1.  Customer Experience begins with great engagement

Building High Performance Client Relationships In The 21st Century

Monday 11:10 AM

Milton Pedraza, CEO, Luxury Institute

  1. Trust is earned and lost so easily

How Trust Drives eCommerce Differentiation And Conversions

10:10 AM  Tuesday

Landon Borup, Trust Strategist & Web Security Advocate, Symantec

  1. Cross-Channel – getting things working together

CMO Panel Discussion: Evolving The Role To Build Cross-Channel Collaboration

Tuesday 11:30 AM

Stephanie Bleau, CMO, Bentley Leathers Inc.
Nicolas Gaudreau, CMO, Groupe Dynamite

  1.  Digital Promotion – Search and Display in an Adblocker world

Panel Discussion:

Search Vs. Display Advertising: Which Influences The Customer More?
Peter Watanabe, Director, Marketing and eCommerce, Staples Canada
Megan Doepker, Founder, UNA Fashion
Shem Szot, VP Marketing, Sales & eCommerce, StickerYou
Nurullo Makhmudov, Director of eCommerce, The Shopping Channel

Canada Post will also be in the exhibit area.  Why?  Not just because of parcels.  The eCommerce biz grew out of catalogues, so they know a thing or two about how and when paper is effective.  Checking out their neuroscience research or their findings that millennials actually trust and keep mail.

It’s reassuring that these themes are addressed at eTail and also reinforces our belief in the effectiveness of RevenueDriverTM, our unique approach to re-engaging clients with a triggered, responsive, printed mail piece sent out within 24 hours of an online event, such as an abandoned shopping cart.

If you want to know more about how online results can be delivered by mail, call or email me.  We have a Free Trial Offer for Canadian eCommerce companies that will open a new channel to customers who have stopped responding to traditional digital strategies. In the words of a prominent retail eCommerce leader who recently discovered RevenueDriverTM…”Holy Cow!”

Steve Falk  289-802-0584

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