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What is this DonorLove Rendezvous next week?

Here’s the thing.  

The participants of this year’s DonorLove Rendezvous have clearly stated that they’d like a change from the typical “talking heads” type of professional development day. That can only mean there will be a lot of dialogue, spontaneous group exchanges, sharing and problem-solving instead of PowerPoint-and-shoot sessions.

You’ll have to come prepared to fully engage. The 150 DonorLove participants will be poured into a unique cocktail next week in Toronto at the Wychwood Barns (an old streetcar yard) where they will be critical to the outcomes of the day’s learning.

Some of the instigators, facilitators, mentors and guides include Rory Green, Fundraiser Grrl, Rickesh Lackhani, a warrior against apathy,  Maeve “What Gives?” Strathy, “The Agents of Good” John and Jenn Lepp and Sarah “smells the roses” Lyon. With taglines and handles like these, you know there will be some inspired and challenging dialogue.

In preparation for the day, participants have been sent inspiring webinars on topics dear to a fundraisers heart. The focus… the donor!

At the heart of this industry is the donor and in the rush to meet deadlines, learn new marketing technology, online strategies, landing pages, the CRA rules and ethical practices (whew!), the fundraising professional can often be distracted from the importance of the donor.

The DonorLove Rendezvous will sharply re-focus our attention on how to thank them, recognize them and speak directly and personally to donors. They’ll feel the engagement that they deserve for being a supporter of these great organizations that have asked for their support. DL’ers will learn about the magic that can be created by handwritten and crafted thank-you notes and data will be highlighted for its role in tracking the donor journey and making communications as personal as possible. Ideas will be shared, challenges will be presented, solutions proposed and preconceptions crushed. Those who survive will emerge a bit better prepared to take on the fundraiser mantle.

Did I mention that it has been sold out for months? Keep an ear open for next year.

Some of the pre-rendezvous webinars are available for purchase at the site for $34.99. What is that…a week’s worth of super Grande Cafe Lattee Smoothies? Buy now!

Prime Data is a proud supporter of DonorLove and I’ll be there instigating as best I can.

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