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Watch for falling prices

“Watch for falling prices!”  

This was a popular television campaign by Walmart a few years back: One where customer service reps were seen striking down already low prices to even lower prices.

Well, move over Walmart, because there’s a new price-slasher in town. And this one isn’t interested in selling you budget-conscious diapers.

The new champ is the United States Postal Service and it’s just cut the price of most postage rates by about 4.3%, as of April 10, 2016.

This isn’t just good news for my aunt in Miami, because the commercial rates are also dropping by the same amount.

Last year I wrote a blog about how much U.S. companies could save if they shifted their printing to Canada.

At that time the positive exchange rate for our U.S.-based clients was saving them as much as 25% on every order. Today that number is closer to 35%!  That’s right, buying from Canada is like getting a 35% discount over prices from two years ago.

Now add in another 4% savings on postage and there has literally never been a better time to use printed mail as part of a campaign.

For Gen-Xers and Millennials for whom email and digital has become the de facto marketing vehicle of choice, this is a great opportunity to get back into the print game and discover the power of delivering a tangible, highly customized marketing communications piece directly into the hands of customers.  

But don’t take our word for it. Canada Post recently conducted an extensive survey and published A Bias for Action that makes the case for print — which is even more persuasive given the cost savings.


So if you are interested in saving your company thousands of dollars over the last time you tried print, or you are excited to experiment, then we’re here to help.

Contact us today and you’ll immediately see the value when you bring the best prices, technology and service together into a single package.

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