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BumperApp Bridges the Gap for Dealers

Bridging the worlds of print and digital is something we’re very keen on promoting here at Prime Data. Whether it’s with our own projects like RevenueDriverTM or the work we do with clients like BumperApp, it’s always great to showcase the marketing potential of taking the online and making it tangible.

BumperApp is an automated contact management and marketing platform that allows auto dealers to take control of their one-to-one marketing strategy. This automation software provides dealers with the power to create and send complete omni-channel marketing campaigns within minutes: campaigns that include brand-specific personalized direct mail, email, along with hyper-trackable personalized experiences on their own website.

As a key solution provider for BumperApp, we were thrilled when they were awarded the 2015 Automotive Website Award for Marketing Innovation. It was great recognition at the time, but they haven’t been resting on their laurels.

The next iteration of the service, Bumper 2.0, expands the award-winning functionality to include more comprehensive online and print tracking that allows for even better follow-ups — that result in sales.

So what are the results?

Simply put — a far better return on investment for dealers. By combining digital and print, BumperApp clients see up to 20 times the ROI of using digital tactics alone.

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