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What to see at DX3 – Sessions

Last week I went over some of the reasons to check out the exhibitors at #DX32016.

And while the exhibitor hall is where a lot of the action happens, I know that attendees also want to get a heads-up on sessions.

I remember going to trade shows, and after registration, sitting down with the program and coffee to map out how I was going to divide my time in a way that made the most sense and would bring the most benefit.

It was the proverbial calm before the storm.

That was before we had conference apps and detailed online schedules to work with. These days most of us have everything planned out way in advance.

But for the purpose of this post, I’m going to assume you can still be convinced to consider a few sessions that may not have made the cut when you were putting together your own schedule.

Specifically, I’m going to recommend a few FREE sessions from The Gale Stage.

Enjoy a coffee and relax as you take in a session on the show floor. These TED-style sessions will follow the conference theme of Be Informed, Be Inspired, Be Ready. The GALE Stage is open to all Dx3 attendees, no reservations needed.

Wednesday March 2, 12:00-12:30
How WealthSimple Grew from 0 to 10,000 clients in 1 year
The Gale Stage

WealthSimple is the largest automated investing service in Canada. Listen as CMO Jason Goldlist shares the story of how to go from zero to 4 zeros in one year.


Do I even need to answer this question? These are the kind of results marketers dream about. So it’s probably worth a listen.

Wednesday March 2, 15:00-16:30
PayPal StartUp Zone
The Gale Stage

Join companies who are part of the StartUp Zone as they demonstrate how they are disrupting digital marketing, advertising and retail in Canada and around the globe.

It’s easier to make existing processes more efficient than to implement new ones — even if the new ones bring better results. This is a great way to rethink how you market, based on the models used by successful startups.

Thursday March 3, 13:30-14:00
How Roots Embraces Omni-Channel
The Gale Stage

Lauren Teslia, Director of Omni-Channel for Roots, sits down with WebStage CEO Chris Corman to share both the trials and successes of her omni-channel strategy, with a focus on creating a seamless customer experience and keeping online customers engaged and brand-loyal.


With the rise of digital and cheap online ads, many marketing departments have neglected traditional methods of engaging with their audiences. For many start-ups and eCommerce companies, digital is all they know. But without a well defined omni-channel strategy, you are always going to be leaving money on the table. This is a chance to find out how it worked out from a real Canadian success story.

So check out these three sessions and then come by the Prime Data booth (320) and let us show you how we can take everything you’ve learned and turn it into business by helping you cut through the clutter.

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