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What to see at DX3

logo_dx3_bannerDx3 is Canada’s largest conference and trade show dedicated to digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retail. It brings agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together for two days of networking and education.

And Prime Data is going to be in the exhibitor hall to launch a new service guaranteed to help ecommerce sites learn to love their abandoned shopping carts.

We can’t tell you too much about it now. You’ll have to stop by the booth (320) or check back in March for an official announcement.

But we’re not the only reason to drop by the exhibitors hall. Here are a few other interesting booths every digital marketing or ecommerce pro should check out.

Canada Post

To steal a phrase from an ancient car ad,  “this is not your father’s Canada Post.”

Canada Post is larger than all the other courier companies combined and it’s a critical piece of the eCommerce ecosystem.  Carrying parcels to every point in Canada, they have a unique insight into the logistics channels for marketers and eCommerce sales. More importantly they are innovators. If you ship anything, you need to stop by and see how they can help you become more efficient and save you and your customers money.


I’m personally really excited about dropping by the eMarketer booth. As a data company, it’s vitally important for Prime Data to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and marketing solutions our clients may not be aware of. And eMarketer is a big part of our daily education, sharing some of the most enlightening insights and developments  from around the industry.  If you don’t already follow their daily news feeds, then sign up and visit their booth.  


The idea of online groceries has been around for a while. I’d say that the first wave of startups suffered from being too far ahead of the market. But who isn’t busier today than they were 10 years ago? So it’s no wonder that ordering of food and groceries online is identified as one of the next areas of growth in eCommerce.  Who doesn’t like an app that connects you to great food… within 30 minutes!


Shopify is the great Canadian success story of eCommerce — providing the engine for hundreds of thousands of sites around the world. You don’t get that kind of growth without continuous innovation. So drop by their booth and peak into the future with their new portable Point of Sale app for Android with a credit card swiper.

Privacy Commissioner

I can guarantee this will definitely not be the sexiest booth in the hall. But skip it at your own peril. With so much private data shooting back and forth, this is your opportunity to avoid future grief, embarrassment and possible penalties related to how you handle confidential information.

Gale Partners

A shout out for the organization that sponsored our Theatre Stage. I’m especially fond of a company that shares one of our core values, “everyone matters”.  So stop by and say hi. They are a great bunch and well worth your time.


Do you ever stare at the blank screen and wonder “where do I start?” With content marketing becoming more and more important, creating compelling copy that brings people back again and again is crucial. Wriber is an app to help you break writer’s’ block and write effective blogs. I know I’m curious to see how they work!


“Converting the Unreachable ECommerce Customer”

Steve Falk presents at the Gale Presentation Stage at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, March 3.

Open to all, no charge or reservations.

(If you need a Discount ticket to the Dx3 tradeshow floor, just register online for the SHOW FLOOR PASS and use entry code: DX3PRIMEDATA and it will cost only $25 instead of $100; a $75 savings!)

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