Rotate to Donate images Prime Data at AFP 2014I would like to personally thank every conference attendee who stopped by the Prime Data booth and took a spin at the Rotate to Donate Wheel.

As a result of your participation, our #AFPCongress Scholarship Game was a fundraising success. Each participant spun the wheel and the amount shown was added to the total we donated. In the words of AFP Toronto Congress Director, Cynthia Quigley, “What a wonderful surprise. What a fabulous idea.

Thank you so much.

If your name is on the list, don’t be shy. Tweet it out!

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Thank you to our participants!

  • Tatiana Slobodcicov
  • Laurie Flood
  • Marla Heim
  • Tania Hossain
  • Alec Cumming
  • Reut Shilton
  • Justine Agada
  • Melody Jackson
  • Brandi Braithwaite
  • Shelly Baksh
  • Jacqui Terry
  • Emma Shulist
  • Chantelle Uribe
  • Rebecka Abotossaway
  • Angela Severight
  • Jennifer Babbs
  • Ms Trisha M
  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Michelle Harder
  • Lorraine Snihur
  • Christina Phillips
  • Erica Walters
  • Kirsten Wheaton
  • Sarah Lyon
  • Louise Mussio
  • Nicole Stewart
  • Kyla Makela
  • Janet Park
  • Derek Moser
  • Frankie Chow
  • Delphine Haslé
  • Shelley Mayer
  • Mikhael Bornstein
  • Rob Zuback
  • Karen Viersen
  • Offord Group (No name on card)