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We’ve donated in your name to the AFP Scholarship!

Rotate to Donate images Prime Data at AFP 2014I would like to personally thank every conference attendee who stopped by the Prime Data booth and took a spin at the Rotate to Donate Wheel.

As a result of your participation, our #AFPCongress Scholarship Game was a fundraising success. Each participant spun the wheel and the amount shown was added to the total we donated. In the words of AFP Toronto Congress Director, Cynthia Quigley, “What a wonderful surprise. What a fabulous idea.

Thank you so much.

If your name is on the list, don’t be shy. Tweet it out!

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Thank you to our participants!

  • Tatiana Slobodcicov
  • Laurie Flood
  • Marla Heim
  • Tania Hossain
  • Alec Cumming
  • Reut Shilton
  • Justine Agada
  • Melody Jackson
  • Brandi Braithwaite
  • Shelly Baksh
  • Jacqui Terry
  • Emma Shulist
  • Chantelle Uribe
  • Rebecka Abotossaway
  • Angela Severight
  • Jennifer Babbs
  • Ms Trisha M
  • Jeff Hoffman
  • Michelle Harder
  • Lorraine Snihur
  • Christina Phillips
  • Erica Walters
  • Kirsten Wheaton
  • Sarah Lyon
  • Louise Mussio
  • Nicole Stewart
  • Kyla Makela
  • Janet Park
  • Derek Moser
  • Frankie Chow
  • Delphine Haslé
  • Shelley Mayer
  • Mikhael Bornstein
  • Rob Zuback
  • Karen Viersen
  • Offord Group (No name on card)

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