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Strong US dollar makes it 25% cheaper to print and mail from Canada

We live in an interconnected world. When I buy a car, the muffler may come from Kentucky and the transmission from somewhere in Ontario. And as US companies take note of the falling Canadian dollar exporters like Prime Data are likely to see even more cross border transactions.

From a pure numbers game our value proposition to US clients has actually increased by 25% over the last year because the favourable US exchange rate makes our services an incredible deal.

For clients in the United States it mean you get 25% off our already competitive prices.  Print and mailing from Canada may not have crossed your mind but we have years of experience printing and mailing into the US through our Niagara Falls accounts.

With this in mind I’m really excited to attend the Graphic Expo in Chicago from Sept. 13th – 16th. This show brings together leading manufacturers and suppliers to showcase newly released products, technologies and services.

I’m ostensibly there to support the folks at Delphax in the Canadian supplier section and extoll the many virtues of the elan printer – which we are currently using ourselves. So if you’re attending you’ll find me at their booth a lot of the time. But I’m also going to be available to meet with people one-on-one who are interested in finding out more about Prime Data and process of outsourcing print and mail services to Canada.

It’s not everyday that I can look somebody in the eye and tell them to just take 25% off my quoted price since your dollar is so whopping powerful these days.

I can’t wait for those conversations to happen.

You don’t have to wait to track me down at the Expo. You can send me a note today and we can start the conversation or just set a time to have a chat in a few weeks time.

Steve Falk  
President / Business Development
Phone  289.802.0584
Toll free 1-888.261.2584 ext.301
Fax 905.727.1589

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