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Are you getting the admail discounts you deserve?

When it comes to marketing and fundraising campaigns, every penny counts. And if you apply that penny to thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of individual admail pieces, then we’re suddenly talking about a significant chunk of change.

With advances in digital print technology the cost of creation and production has never been more economical. But cost of postage is a stubborn number to move. Or at least it used to be.

Now it looks like Canada Post is also getting in on the cost efficiencies game by offering big discounts based on the volume of business you send their way. There are also discounts for trying out direct mail for the first time or restarting after a year’s hiatus.

And all you have to do is ask.

When it comes to admail discounts at Canada Post, you have to ask. Click To Tweet

It’s not exactly the McDonald’s secret menu. It’s just not widely known – or promoted. To be completely fair, there is a better-than-average chance your rep at Canada Post told someone at your company about this new discount schedule, but there was not follow-through to see if all the benefits were realized.

But as someone who works with marketers and fundraisers all the time, I know that the lines of communication are not always clear. And in this case a missed voicemail or hastily deleted email containing a brief FYI could cost your campaigns tens of thousands of dollars.

If you haven’t already asked, now is the time to do so — before you finalize the budget for your next campaign. It’s as simple as calling your Canada Post account rep and asking. Don’t know your rep or where to start? Call me and I’ll have someone from our award-winning Canada Post Expert Partner Team help you out.

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