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5 facts marketers and fundraisers need to break through the noise

How much time do you spend looking at email during a typical day? Now think about how often you actually go to the mailbox and pick up the mail? Are you following me?  It’s way more effective to reach out to your  audience with an actual print piece through the post than trying to get their attention as they quickly skim through their inbox looking for something they actually need to see.


Don’t get me wrong. I love email campaigns. But if you’re relying strictly on digital communications as your only way to market or fundraise, you aren’t going to achieve the results you’re looking for. With this in mind, it was interesting to read the latest research from Canada Post on the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.

So here are the 5 facts you need to know as you put together a budget and start making decisions about your next campaign:

  1. Direct mail is meaningful.
    57% of study participants say they are more likely to feel valued when brands contact them through mail than email.
  1. Direct mail gets noticed.
    70% of Canadians are curious to find out what’s in their mailbox. When was the last time you felt that positive when opening your morning’s email?
  1. Direct mail persists.
    32% have passed a direct mail ad along to someone else. Compare this to 26% for email ads, and 22% for social media promotions.
  1. Direct mail drives traffic.
    64% have visited a website in reaction to direct mail.
  1. Direct mail persuades
    50% have purchased a product in-store over the past six months as a result of a direct mail ad.
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