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The ‘mighty machine’ of variable data print

When my kids were younger they loved Mighty Machines. It’s a kids show that gave voice to the machines that make everything we do possible. They even had an episode dedicated to a printing press.

Be careful. The show is addictive and you could spend hours watching it.

Why am I thinking about Mighty Machines? Well a couple of weeks back we had our new elan printer delivered and installed. We recorded the process and sped it up for a really great little video that gives you some insight into how the magic happens here at Prime Data.

It’s a sneak peak behind the curtain and I really hope you enjoy it enough to pass along.

Why we purchased this new printer is no secret. It’s amazing.

  • It cuts the production schedule for Variable Data Print (VDP) work from 5 days to a single morning.
  • On top of that it offers affordable full-colour customization on both sides of the sheet — we are the first to use this new technology for direct marketing so we have a unique offering here.
  • The cost savings are striking when compared to traditional colour laser alternatives. If you’ve been pre-printing letterhead or colour shells and just printing black variable text, then this will also open up new doors for full colour variable printing.

I could go on. But if you’re interested in trying it out, I’ll match the pricing of your last colour VDP campaign — with no hidden costs or long-term commitment. I just want to show you how easy direct marketing can be and why Prime Data is the partner to help you using the latest variable data printing technology.

Don’t know how VDP can be used to improve your marketing campaigns? Watch this short 1-minute video, and give us a call to talk about using elan.

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