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The next generation of variable data print has arrived

Joanne Black, a top sales guru out of San Francisco, once said buyers don’t care about your technology. They only care about what it will do for their business.

I agree 100%.

So I know you probably don’t care that Prime Data is having our brand new elan printer delivered and installed this week. To you it’s just another piece of technology you don’t need to know about.

But to us it means a lot. Why? Because it’s our responsibility to make sure that we have the best tech in place so that when you need us, we can deliver in ways you don’t expect and couldn’t possibly anticipate. Simply put, your job as a fundraiser or marketer is to know marketing. Our job is to understand the technology to make your next campaign execution effortless.

As the first company in Canada to deploy the elan system, Prime Data is positioned to deliver on our promise of variable print campaigns that deploy faster, with more customization, at unsurpassed quality.

The promise of elan

I’ve talked up the benefits of elan for months now to anyone who would listen. That’s because it’s not just a printer, it’s a new, more efficient way for you to create, build and sustain deeper and more rewarding relationships with donors and customers.

elan offers one-step printing that will shrink your variable print production schedule from 5 days into a single morning. Even more striking is the cost saving when compared to traditional colour laser alternatives 

So now we’re saving you time and money. But what about quality? This is where elan really shines. Unlike traditional colour variable messaging, elan offers full customization on both sides of the page at a print quality that has not previously been available.

Who is it for?

elan is an ideal option for data-driven, time-sensitive or urgent print production. It has limitless practical applications for not-for-profits, political campaigns, marketing automation and more.

So take a few minutes to check our elan and discover why Prime Data is the ideal partner for your next campaign.



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