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When is Direct Mail most effective?not-for-profits

  •  Best for Maintaining Existing instead of Aquiring New Donors or Clients !
  • When there is a CRM tool used to maintain full addresses of clients and ideally their historical data
  • When the product or service has a high enough lifetime value to justify the investment
  • When the product or service is a repetitive sale or donation.  For instance, car sales, car repairs, furnace repairs, dental, eye care…
  • When high value services or products are renewable or upgraded on a schedule. For instance, eye care, dental, leases, insurance, 


What are two main categories with Canada Post?

  1.  Addressed Admail  –  mailed from a list
  2. Unaddressed Admail – mailed from Geographical / Demographic information (Precision Targeter Tools)


How it works best

  • Integrate with other media – online presence with similar look and offer a requirement, print media, radio etc can all support the response rate of DM
  • Must have a clear Call To Action (CTA),  a deadline is helpful, 
  • Test various messages ( would you use only one Google Ad variation? )
  • Measure it – separate email address, unique Toll-Free numbers, Google Analytics on the landing pages

Calculating ROI on a campaign?

 Steve will send a spreadsheet calculator to assist with roughPizza Pizza Globe and Mail Ad re Unaddressed Admail from Prime Data


Call Prime Data – Steve Falk –  or

CSR –  Judy Maiuri – ph. 289-796-1504


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