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Leave an impression. Use a stamp.

The idea of a stamp seems to have stuck.

The first adhesive stamp, The Penny Black, was released 175 years ago.  Google celebrates it on the home page today.

Until that time, all mail was C.O.D. as the recipient said thank you to the mail delivery person by paying for the mail.  How would that work today?  Your local charity sends you a nice note requesting a gift and, by the way, would you mind paying the postage when it arrives?  Oh, here is a real estate flyer, I’ll just pay the postage on that too.

In some ways we do that now.  Who is picking up the tab for your cell phone, internet connection and data plans, eh?  Delivered to your tablet and phone is your mail and marketing messages that you’ve kindly paid for… C.O.D.  Maybe they’d be just more expensive if there was no mail and advertising on them.  Food for thought.

Despite all the electronic communication, about 9-10 billion pieces of mail are delivered by Canada Post each year.  Some of the most effective and meaningful messages come in the mail.

If you want to leave an impression, use a stamp.

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