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New Technology for Direct Marketers

When I was a kid, I remember watching Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (cue The Planets by Holst). I also remember the supercomputer Hal 9000 — it’s machinations and how the movie served as a cautionary tale about AI.

More importantly, the Hal 9000 pops into my head whenever I read about a new technology with a short name followed by a big number.

The elan™ 500  is not a super AI. It is not controlling a spaceship and will probably never star in a movie (other than this short YouTube clip). What it is, is a new high-speed, (up to 500 duplex letter images per minute) CMYK inkjet printer that makes direct mail easier, faster and more affordable for direct marketers.

And Prime Data is the first company in the Canadian marketing space to deploy this technology and make it available to customers.

Why did we decide to invest in this tech first, rather than wait for someone else to try it?  We did it because we are not just “fast followers,” but leaders in our industry. Our vision is about implementing solutions that make our customers more successful by making their campaigns more responsive. Our goal is to connect our clients with audiences quicker and with more impact than ever before.

elan was developed by Delphax Technologies Inc.  For over 35 years Delphax has maintained a stellar reputation as global leaders in the design, manufacture and delivery of advanced digital print production systems — while pioneering high-speed digital imaging innovations for publishers, direct marketers and other commercial print customers. So when I saw this new printer and the reputation behind it, it was a no-brainer.

Why elan?
elan shrinks production time for direct mail by several days.  At the same time, it offers full-colour duplex variable printing at a price and quality previously unavailable. It’s a game-changer for not-for-profits, marketing agencies, high techand other industries that need to be first-out-the-door with direct marketing campaigns that include personal touches based on triggers or include time-sensitive offers or appeals.

elan saves time — a full four days in production for a typical fundraising letter campaign– by eliminating the need for pre-printed shells, combining printing & personalization at the same time and offering full-colour duplex in one pass. It is a lower-cost alternative to offset printing.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be hosting a few free, no-obligation webinars explaining how the technology can save time and money. Find out more or sign up at

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