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Return to Sender – Faster

More and more businesses are finding it necessary to maintain a presence in both Canada and the USA – even if that presence is just a mailbox.

But what a lot of folks are finding is that maintaining a mailbox south of the border can be a pain – especially when returned mail starts piling up or they miss a scheduled pick-up.

It doesn’t take long for a box to overflow with correspondence.

USPS Return Mail Box improves your company’s stateside image — and can be a requirement of doing business there.

Prime Data has recently expanded our footprint in cross-border mail management to offer convenient  and affordable pick-up from, and delivery to, USPS boxes.

To do this we maintain USPS mail boxes that are cleared weekly, with mail returned to our Canadian customers

It’s an extremely handy service for clients who require a US return address – such as:

  • Periodical Mailers (weekly or monthly USPS Publication account holders who are required by USPS contract to have a US return address)
  • Canadian companies who want or require a US presence to improve their brand identity or need an address to meet business or regulatory requirements

We clear the boxes mid-week and courier your returned mail the next business day. And with prices starting as low as $15 per week, This is an affordable option for businesses of any size.

Call me for additional information on how USPS return mail can improve your cross-border business practices

P.S.  US Mail preparation now available at Prime Data – our recently expanded services include USPS mail production. Including USPS data correction and sorting services and entry of mail into USPS (Canadian printing and mail preparation for US clients is 25% less expensive due to the exchange rate these day)

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