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Great news…Prime Data is growing again!

We are excited to announce that, as of December 18, 2014, Prime Data and Andrews Direct Marketing have combined to form one exceptional direct mail company!

As a newly joined company under the Prime Data brand, we can offer clients more:

  • production capacity

  • print, including automated print workflow

  • automated marketing

  • customer service support

  • ability to handle more than double the mail each week

  • service of back-end fulfillment requests

  • handling of US mail.

Forming one brand is good news for Prime Data and Andrews Directing Marketing staff as we have worked closely together for over a decade.

This expansion positions us to better serve our clients as we are harnessing the strengths and synergies of both organizations. Together, we are building to be better, faster and stronger for our customers offering enhanced customer service support, quicker response times, and some new types of projects.

We are enthusiastic about these changes and look forward to working with you!

Steve Falk

President, Prime Data

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