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If only 6.4% of donations are online, what raises money?

Did you know that in 2013 only 6.4% of overall fundraising revenue, excluding grants, was raised online? I recently discovered this fact when I reviewed blackbaud Inc.’s 2013 Charitable Giving Report.

The goal of this Report is to provide an overview of how nonprofit fundraising performed during the year. In order to analyze online fundraising blackbaud looked at the total giving of 3,135 organizations with $10.5 billion (US) in total fundraising. They found, on average, that online donations accounted for 6.4% of overall fundraising which was a decrease from 2012.

What does this tell us? Blackbaud Inc.’s 2013 Charitable Giving Report is a valuable resource in measuring the gains and successes of nonprofit organizations. Analyzing the collected data provides organizations with information to help make decisions about strategies and investments for the coming year. Based on the findings one investment should be direct mail. If you’re not investing in direct mail, you’re risking your organization’s potential for raising funds.

Steve Falk

President, Prime Data

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