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Admail postage prices drop for DM Fundraising in 2015.

Great news! As of January 15, 2015 fundraisers will see a reduction of 3.5% in postal rates for Admail. With these rate reductions, fundraisers can invest in more printing and mailing services to communicate with new and existing donors.

The average postage paid by non-profits was $0.466 each while the rate will be only $0.45 in 2015 (a 3.5% postage reduction) with the new simplified “Special Handling” category. This is good news for fundraisers who are using Direct Mail to help increase their annual fundraising.

Looking for more information?

Click here to find out more about the 2015 Canada Post Changes Overview of Rates and Regulations.

2015 Lettermail, Stamp and Admail Rates (click below):

Admail Price Rate Sheets for Canada Post 2015

Lettermail Price Rate Sheets for Canada Post 2015

US and International Lettermail Price Rate Sheets for Canada Post 2015

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