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90% of online Canadians prefer paper bills

Canadians prefer paper bills “because you can touch it, hold on to it and keep it for reference for as long as you want”, writes Joanne McNeish, Assistant Professor, Marketing at Ryerson University, today in the Globe and Mail editorial section.

You can read the full Globe and Mail article regarding the CRTC discussions about paper statements and bills here:

Why do we pay for paper bills?

I think this is a good news story for print and the direct mail channel of communication.  Print and mail helps to preserve relationships and engage clients and donors.  It can also initiate a call to action in circumstances when an online one draws nothing more than a move to the trash folder.  In this month of monstrous response to the social media ALS Ice Challenge, we are once again reminded of the power of print (and we read about it in the printed newspaper and on a blog…hmm).

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