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Don’t be fooled: Email attachments are not secure

When it comes to our computers or smartphones we are quick to download the latest software or antivirus updates. However, one area we don’t tend to think or worry about is our email accounts. We should never make the mistake of thinking our email is secure. Keeping this in mind we should never send confidential files or mailing lists through email as there are three very serious potential threats:

  1. you could accidentally type in the wrong recipient address

  2. your email could be harvested en route to the right person

  3. there is often a historical record of the attachment in your saved email messages and this could be compromised at a much later date.

These scenarios pose serious privacy issues. Be careful about the information you submit or share via email. Make sure you are protecting yourself and your recipients. What are some better options to consider? SFTP or “Secure File Transfer Protocol” sites or servers, Dropbox or Hightail are better options for you to access work from anywhere across your devices, connect and work more securely with colleagues and clients, and share data or large files safely.

Never be negligent! Safe online practices are crucial.


Steve Falk

Prime Data


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