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If you’re having trouble remembering this, maybe it’s because you’re reading it online.

I recently participated in a Canada Post Webinar entitled Direct Mail and the Brain: New Insights from Neuroscience presented by Diana Lucaci, founder of True Impact Marketing, a neuromarketing research and strategy firm.

Did you know 95% of all decisions are based on emotion?

According to Diana’s research, physical media – like direct mail – has a deeper impact on our brains. How you ask? Print communications capture a greater depth of emotion than advertising or communicating on a digital screen. Physical media provides a connection helping us to internalize a message by engaging our brains. We relate messages or images to our own thoughts, feelings or memories and become engaged on an emotional level through happiness, trust, or empathy. Our emotions are the gateway into our logic influencing our decisions by how we feel; and ultimately drive our actions.

Brain Image









Bottom line? Our emotions are a key influencer into our rationality. So, don’t rule out the impact of print communications they still carry a tremendous amount of weight in communicating a message and connecting with people on a deeper level.  

 Steve Falk


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