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Canada Post rate increase: what not to do

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Penny-wise and pound-foolish? Don’t save on postage by eliminating high-touch mailings.


Canada Post rate increase: what not to do

 As with most things in life, it’s great to have an idea of what to do to beat the recent postal rate increase. But what not to do is just as important.

Leah Eustace summed it up beautifully in her recent article on

“One thing they (charities) absolutely shouldn’t do is decrease the number of thank-you letters, invitations, donor reports and other high-touch communications with donors.”

We couldn’t agree more, Leah!

Here’s our own list of “don’ts” :

  • Don’t forget to use the National Change of Address (NCOA) tool from Canada Post
  • Don’t ignore your data upkeep — you’ll end up spending your postage budget on duplicates and incorrect addresses
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to engage your lettershop; they can help you design for postage savings and maximum open rates

Here is a Bonus “do” for balance –  register now for Canada Post’s Venture One card. Your charity will receive 5% off all stamps they purchase in lots larger than $300.

Have your own list of “do’s and don’ts” as postage costs go up? Drop us a line through LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or call or email me:

Steve Falk 

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