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2014 Postage Prices / Rates for Lettermail and Stamps

Canada Post announced the proposed 2014 postage rates for

Lettermail and Postage Prices for Stamps

Customized Canada Post Indicia

These will take effect on March 31 2014.  You can continue to use your “P” Stamps but will have to buy additional postage for the stamps with less than required amount marked on them.

The Five Point Action Plan also detailed plans to restructure the postal system and move towards delivery to Community Mail Boxes.

The proposed increases for Lettermail and Postage Stamps in 2014 will be enormous, reflecting the declining use of this part of the postal system.

Good News for Direct Mail users like charities and fundraising is that Admail postal rates did not increase much more than expected.   Addressed Admail and Business Reply mail will only increase a few pennies.

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You can read more in this CBC online article about the challenges and opportunities created by the recent announcments.

The rate sheet for 2014 Lettermail Rates and Postage Stamps is available here:

2014 Lettermail Rates and Prices for Stamps at Canada Post

Postage rates Stamps Lettermail Canada Post 2014

For a full overview of changes visit the Canada Post website.

Please call or use the CHAT box in the bottom right corner if you have any questions about how these rates affect you.

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