April 2013 — Prime Data announces the launch of a new level of automation and effectiveness for creating and distributing digital documents.

We can now use PlanetPress Suite solutions to coordinate Variable Data Print (VDP) data-driven documents – whether emailed, faxed, digital archived, printed and shipped (bulk), or printed and mailed (individually) .

In addition to adding the technology to our already strong data-driven offerings, we’ve also expanded our team to include knowledgeable digital print and PlanetPress specialists. We provide professional consulting services to organizations that have PlanetPress Suite and require help planning and designing the execution of a project.

PlanetPress technology was instrumental in helping us create a 40 page VDP booklet for a pharmaceutical company. The individually customized books illustrate the results of patients’ genetics tests.  Not only is there interesting complexity to the content in the books, we produce the books in many languages and mail them to health professionals around the world. We also format the books in low resolution .pdf versions for posting to a password-protected portal to enable remote access by the health professionals.

Call Steve Falk if you’d like further information about a PlanetPress Suite or a VDP solution or for professional services to help you plan and design a PlanetPress project you are working on at your own organization.  1-888-261-2584 x 301 or sfalk@primedata.ca.

PlanetPress Suite is software developed by Canadian-based Objectif Lune.

Ojectif Lune CEO, Didier Gombert comments on the future of digital document production.