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Canada Post awards Prime Data with Canada Post Expert Partner status

April 2, 2013, Aurora, On — Prime Data announced today they’ve been selected as one of a limited number of Canadian companies to be certified as a Canada Post Expert Partner.

 Canada Post Expert Partner designation means Prime Data clients benefit from:

●      faster, one-stop set up of mail accounts,

●      a pool of resources including market studies and test cases in many industries, and

●      experts who participate in ongoing Canada Post training including monthly webinars and regular postal service updates.

“This designation recognizes that we are a strong advocate for direct mail as a successful, measurable channel in an integrated marketing industry,” says Steve Falk, President, Prime Data. “We’re honoured to be acknowledged for our leadership in the mailing industry as it forms a part of so many successful media campaigns for our clients.”

Through their Unaddressed Direct Mailing Services portal, Prime Data plans, prints and prepares millions of flyers, cards, and brochures every year. Small business marketers looking to send unaddressed direct mail can learn how by viewing a five minute starter video on the subject from the website above.

“Many people think of postage and mailing as a fixed cost. The reality is our expertise in this area helps our clients save thousands of dollars in postage costs through targeting or benefitting from our discounts. Most importantly, we help our clients measure response and understand the return on investment (ROI).” says Falk.

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