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The Future of Variable Data Printing

Is this the future of variable data printing?

We’ve used data files to print elaborate marketing direct mail and email but now VDP it is driving measurable mobile applications.

Geopon approached Prime Data to help them execute this Mobile Loyalty Card program. Their idea is to replace the traditional punch card at the cash register (10 punches and one free coffee is the common example) with a mobile app. This creates a measurable campaign giving feedback from 1000’s of locations.

The QR codes that drove this are really barcodes with URL’s indicating the location of each store and whether the printed item was a door sticker, table tent card, cash register flash card or table top sticker. The hundreds of thosands of URL’s were incorporated into the artwork using VDP and then carefully trimmed out and collated into sets that were specific to a store location.

Once in place in a retail environment, real-time results start to show on a dashboard that helps measure not only who is signing up, where, by what printed channel but how often they “punch” their cards and redeem the benefits of the loyalty campaign.

There’s no reason to think that this kind of loyalty program could not be rolled out for any number of creative purposes. If you want to bounce around ideas, give me a call and we’ll work together to deliver a solution.

See Chameleon Variable Digital for more information about our VDP solutions.

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