Prime Data and Blakely & Associates are pleased to host a monthly Webconference in our boardroom.  The series presents topics of interest to fundraisers and attendance counts towards CFRE accreditation.  This will give fundraisers living north of the city a comfortable local venue to participate as a group at a reduced cost.

Information on the series can be found at the AFP Toronto Events and Education page.

The first in the series, February 23, 2012 at 1PM is titled , How to Create a Written Fundraising Plan in 6 Easy Steps

Pre-register at the AFP website and attend at our location at 240 Industrial Parkway South, Unit 2, Aurora

Below is a full list of the Webconference Dates and Subjects.

AFP Webconference Series – My Job’s Not What I Want it To Be – Should I Fix it or Forget It?

September 25, 2012

AFP Webconference Series – The Planned Giving Toolbox

October 23, 2012

AFP Webconference Series – The Ever Changing World of Small Nonprofit Boards

November 6, 2012

AFP Webconference Series – Fundraising Trends…What worked over the last few years…What we can expect for 2013 and BEYOND

December 13, 2012