Direct mail fundraisers were relieved to learn of plans by Canada Post to remove a recent prominent stamp cancellation message in support of the Corporation’s own charitable cause. The issue came to light during their September campaign in support of the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. A 2cm x 14cm “SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH” message, in two languages, was emblazoned across the top of envelopes, cancelling the stamps and intruding upon the landscape of all stamped mail.  For fundraisers, the message conflicted with their intended message to inspire support for their own causes.

Blakely & Associates, a prominent fundraising agency, noticed the message in their seed mail. Prime Data, their partner in DM production, then advocated on behalf of their clients with a request to Canada Post to remove their own charitable message.

“We work so carefully in our design of DM mail pieces.  Every word, space, colour and image is considered for best effect.  Peter Blakely and I were concerned when we saw this dot matrix, 20pt Arial font message slashed across the mail piece, covering over our own messages and promoting another organization, and acted quickly to bring this to the attention of the corporation”, explains Steve Falk, president of Prime Data.  “To the credit of Canada Post, they listened and acted quickly.  Within a week of my initial complaint I received assurances that they would remove this message.”  Canada Post continues to promote its valuable charitable message through other promotional channels.

It is estimated that one billion dollars, about one quarter of all Canadian charitable (non-church) giving by individuals, is in response to direct mail.  One in four adults contributes to their preferred environmental, healthcare, educational, animal advocacy and related charities using the mail.  Industry partners Prime Data Inc. and Blakely & Associates  work diligently to ensure that they raise the most money possible for their clients.